Breast Enhancement

What is a breast enhancement?

Breast enhancement means different things to different people. It really refers to a number of techniques which aim to improve the shape and size or the breast. For most people breast enhancement involves increasing the breast size with implants usually filled with silicone gel. However a significant number of people, particularly who have had children or lost weight find that their breasts have sagged or drooped  (medically called ptosis). Breasts that have drooped may be enhanced with an uplift or mastopexy operation. For some people a combination of uplift and enlargement with implants is necessary to achieve the desired result.

A technique which has developed rapidly in recent years is that of fat grafting sometimes called lipofilling. This has been particularly helpful in correcting small defects in the breast. Its role in enlarging the breast is still in the process of being defined. Enlargements equivalent to breast implants are likely to require repeat procedures and it should be understood that some of the fat is likely to resorb with time.

For some women enhancement may involve reducing the breast size. There are a number of different techniques for reducing breasts.

Finally, although most women do not have two exactly similar breasts some women may have dramatically different sized breast in which case corrective surgery with these techniques may be very helpful.

This web site has information on these procedures.

Breast enlargement

Breast uplift or mastopexy

Breast reduction