Summary – Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement with silicone implants


A surgical operation in which implants, usually silicone, are placed in a pocket behind the breast.

Decisions – things to consider

Various decisions need to be made concerning implants. The type, the size or width, the shape, textured or smooth, silicone or saline and under or over the muscle. (A very popular choice would be round, textured, silicone implants of about 280ml size placed under the breast, unless you are very slim in which case under the muscle may give a more natural appearance.)

Whats is involved in the Surgery

The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic (asleep). Usually a day case (home same day) or stay one night in hospital. A 5cm (2 inch) incision is usually made in the fold under the breast. The operation typically takes 60 to 90 minutes.

Drains are not normally necessary. Stitches are dissolving, under the skin and do not need to be removed.

How long do most people need to recover

Most people return to office work 7-14 days

Regular walking is recommended from day 1

Light physical work 3-4 weeks

High impact aerobics 6 weeks

What are the potential risks

Complications within the breast may occur and you should make sure you understand them before deciding on surgery. Some of the most significant are infection, changed feeling in the breast and loss of feeling, asymmetry (the two sides are different), feeling or seeing the implant, ruptured implants, capsular contracture (going hard).

What result can I expect following surgery and in the future?

The majority of people are pleased with their larger breasts typically 2-3 cup sizes.

Breast enlargement with silicone implants is best considered non permanent. Most people can anticipate 10-15 years before their implants may need to be removed.  However implants can stay in for longer if they are not causing any problems.

Other things you may wish to think about

For some people with sagging breasts (ptosis) an uplift (mastopexy) may be a better option. There are additional scars with this procedure.

Mastopexy with implants: An uplift can be combined with breast implants although the complication rate is higher.


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