Lumps & lipomas


Photographs before and after lipoma removal

These photographs are all of patients who have undergone removal of lipomas by Jeremy Hurren. They have all given their written consent for the photographs to appear on Jeremy Hurren’s Website. It is important to appreciate that photographs of the results of  surgery should not be considered a ‘catalogue’ from which you can choose the appearance that you would like.

Many factors determine the appearance following surgery

and most of these can not be changed. However they may be helpful in discussions with your surgeon about your expectations and what may or may not be possible  for you.

Please note: Mr Hurren will not discuss the details of the surgery these patients have had except with patients who have seen him in clinic and are planning to undergo surgery themselves.

Lipoma on forehead

                 Before                                       After


Lipoma of the forehead before and after surgical removal.

Note the scar has been placed in a natural crease line.

The lipoma of the forehead before removal and immediately after removal next to the stitches.

Lipoma Scalp

                 Before                                       After

Lipoma of the scalp. Before and after surgical removal. Scalps usually heal well to leave a good scar.

Before and after surgical removal.

Typical appearance of a small lipoma.

Lipoma Side of neck

                 Before                                       After

Lipoma of the neck. Great caution is required with the neck as there are many potential causes for a lump in the neck.

Lipomas at other sites

Lipoma on the back

                 Before                                       After

A typical lipoma in the middle of the back. Showing the scar after it has been removed surgically

Lipoma on back

                 Before                                       After


Lipoma on back. Before and after surgical removal


Oblique view



Scar following lipoma removal

Lipoma on upper arm

                 Before                                       After

Lipoma of upper arm removed leaving a scar hidden in the armpit


Scar hidden in armpit


Showing the lipoma in the arm and after it had been removed. Typical appearance of a lobulated lipoma


The lump in the arm and the scar hidden in the armpit

Lipoma left armpit

                 Before                                       After

A very large lipoma.Before and after surgical removal.

The typical appearance of a lipoma

Lipoma left loin

                 Before                                       After

Before and after removal of a typical lipoma. Notice that sometimes a lipoma can be removed to leave a surprisingly small scar.

Lipoma right hip

                 Before                                       After

Lipoma of the right hip.

Lipoma hip and shortly after surgical removal

Before and after removal of the lipoma with a matured scar

Showing a well healed scar, with close up, once it has matured.