Before and after photos scars


Photographs before and after revision of a scar

These photographs are  of patients who have undergone scar revision  surgery with Jeremy Hurren. They have all given their written consent for the photographs to appear on Jeremy Hurren’s Website. It is important to appreciate that photographs of the results of cosmetic surgery should not be considered a ‘catalogue’ from which you can choose the appearance that you would like.

Many factors determine the appearance following surgery

and most of these can not be changed. However they may be helpful in discussions with your surgeon about your expectations and what may or may not be possible  for you.

Please note: Mr Hurren will not discuss the details of the surgery these patients have had except with patients who have seen him in clinic and are planning to undergo surgery themselves.

Example 1

An example of someone who has undergone surgical  revision of an old appendicectomy scar.  This is an excellent result which is partly determined by the patients skin, how they heal and their tendency to scar. The before photograph is on the left and the after on the right.


Below is the same patient in oblique view.

Surgical scar improvement (Scar revision)

                     Before                                      After


Before and after photograph of surgery to improve a scar from a previous operation


Close up of same patient

Surgical Caesarian Scar Improvement (Scar revision)

                     Before                                      After


Caesarian section scar before and after surgical improvement


Close up of same scar before and after surgery