Split ear repair


Split ear lobes are a common problem. This is where an earring pulls through the earlobe leaving a split behind. This may be due to an earing catching or happen slowly over time particularly if heavy ear rings are worn.

Some times the earring has not completely cut out but the piercing has enlarge to a point that it looks unsightly and can no longer support an earring.

Finally some people stretch up their piercing deliberately so they cab wear large piercings. These are sometimes called flesh tunnels. If this look becomes undesirable then people may seek to have the enlarge hole repaired.


Repair of split ear lobes

There are a number of ways to repair a split ear lobe. The simplest is to remove the skin on the inside of the split and then stitch the ear back together. This usually achieves the desired result. It does leave a scar. You should not re-pierce the ear at the same place because scar tissue does not support an earring and it will cut out again. You can have the ear re-pierced once the ear is fully healed but it must be through fresh tissue.


Risks of surgery

All surgery has risks. The main risks with a split ear lobe repair in the early stages would be bleeding and infection. Once healed there is a small risk of keloid scar formation. Keloid scarring is where the scar tissue builds up into a lump. These can be troublesome and difficult to treat.